David Lodge and the Art-and-Reality Novel

David Lodge and the Art-and-Reality Novel.
Anglistische Forschungen 216. Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag C. Winter, 1991. 172 S.
ISBN 3-8253-4404-5 (Kt); 3-8253-4405-3 (Ln); ISSN 0179-1389. CHF 39.– (Pb) / CHF 63.50 (Hb).

The study covers both creative and critical works by the contemporary British author David Lodge with a focus on aspects of his novel-writing. Art Imitates Life, the first part in a triptychal approach, revisits some theoretical issues concerning language, reality and criticism, situating Lodge’s fictional realism in a comprehensive poetics of artistic representation. Art Imitates Art explores various forms and functions of intertextuality in their narrative context and discusses two crucial influences: Graham Greene and James Joyce. Following a «cheerful symmetry», the third part – Life Imitates Art – deals with the reversal of realistic imitation and the ways in which fiction affects the interpretation of reality. From literary association to re-enactment, Lodge’s characters illustrate how life is shaped and fictionalized through language and patterns derived from art.


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